Talking about B&H

B and H Photo is the ultimate online and brick and mortar destination to shop for photography equipment, pro audio, video, home entertainment, mobile, surveillance and more. The B and H superstore located on 34th Street and 9th Avenue in New York is a unique retail space than spans over 70,000 square feet and welcomes over 5,000 visitors a day.

About B&H

B&H draws photo, video and audio enthusiasts of all skill levels and encourages them to enjoy a tactile shopping experience. B&H shoppers not only get to watch interactive product demos, but they can also ask their questions to some of the most knowledge industry experts in the business. B&H’s in-store expertise is backed up with detailed product reviews, technical specifications, and Live Chat representatives online. Even if customers live outside of the U.S. or can’t make it into the brick and mortar store in NYC, B&H offers a rich digital shopping experience with world-class support at every step of the customer journey. Customers who enjoy a digital browsing or shopping experience can also learn more about photography, video and audio gear, accessories, tripods, home surveillance equipment, home entertainment systems, and other products on B&H Explora, a blog featuring the latest news, tips, and products reviews from the professionals at B&H. Shoppers and tech enthusiasts can find everything from buying guides to gift ideas to beginner, intermediate, and advanced camera tutorials and more on the B&H Explora blog. Readers can even leave comments and questions on the blog posts, which are then answered by the author or another qualified tech expert at B&H.

B and H also gives customers an opportunity to join the conversation and become part of the BandH community on social media. Customers can stay on top of the latest technology, industry events, and consumer electronics content by following B and H on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Pinterest, YouTube, Flick, Tumblr, and Instagram. YouTube is an especially video great resource for customers who want to get a first look at B&H products, step-by-step lighting, photo tips, the best of CES innovations, and much more.

So whether you’re a customer who’s in the market for a video baby monitor, the latest smartphone, the latest, feature-packed DSLR, microphone, portable storage or accessories for your favorite gear, B&H is the place that has the specialized knowledge, customer support, wide selection and great prices for people of all skill sets, budgets and creative or practical needs.



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