B&H in General

B & H is more than just a photo, video or audio store. It is like “Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory” for tech geeks. The B & H superstore is located on 34th Street and 9th Avenue in New York City and draws people of all levels from virtually every corner of the world.

B&H Logo


Everyone from pro photographers to curious tourists go to the enormous flagship store to explore some of the latest products and coolest innovations in consumer electronics. B H Photo  is busy, but organized and draws people because it offers great products, highly specialized knowledge online and off, and great prices. The in-store shopping experience is fast and convenient thanks to an overhead conveyor belt system that streamlines the entire storeroom to checkout process.

Unlike other consumer electronics stores, customers aren’t hassled or pressured to buy more than what they need. B H Photo associates aren’t pushing their own agenda and are there to patiently answer shopper questions to ensure that their customers are finding exactly what they need for a particular application, hobby, creative or professional endeavor.  The store is a lot of fun to walk through and there is so much to see in every department. B&H isn’t one of those consumer electronics stores where customers aren’t allowed to see products up-close or handle gear such as cameras or lenses they’re considering buying.

B&H is also a great place to sell equipment. The B & H Used Department is a great place for audio, video and photo professionals who are encouraged to upgrade to the latest and greatest models as they’re released.However, many beginner and intermediate tech enthusiasts sell their equipment to this department and buy their next camera or audio equipment used to save money. Others prefer used models to learn on and don’t opt for new equipment until they’ve confidently transitioned from intermediate to advanced.

In addition to a unique in-store experience, B & H also provides a personalized and great user experience online. Whether shoppers are on their smartphones, tablets or PCs, B&H offers a seamless digital customer journey. Customers of all technology, experience, and creative backgrounds can explore photography, video, audio, mobile, home entertainment, surveillance and other products at home or on-the-go. They can read overviews of products, compare models, see detailed tech specs and even Live Chat for even more information.

Tech enthusiasts can also visit Explora, the B & H blog where professionals share tips, product reviews, buying guides, and other great, media-rich content. Readers can leave comments on B&H authors blog posts, and get responses from the author or one of B&H’s product category experts. Readers can also go a step further and engage with other members of B&H’s online professional, intermediate and amateur photo, video, and audio community on one of its many social channels, which include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Flickr.


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