The Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Smartwatch (Space Gray Aluminum Case, Black Sport Band)

The doctors told me I was borderline diabetic, and I decided prevention was better than the cure. I wasn’t monitoring anything before, so I went on a complete lifestyle change. The biggest problem was that I just didn’t move anymore. I was always tired, and to be honest I was really depressed because I felt like I was wasting my life. It wasn’t that there wasn’t time, I just sat around and watched TV after I moved out of my parents’ place. I had trouble keeping track of when I needed to do things like taking walks, and then I wasn’t always sure how long I’d walked for. That all changed when I went to B & H, where I buy most of my tech, and spoke with one of their salespeople.

The people at B&H recommended picking up an Apple Watch. First, you can have all your iPhone apps right on your Apple Watch. Second, looking at the watch is much easier than having to always stop and pull out your phone. You just tap the watch or turn it towards you to activate it. As soon as you drop your wrist down it will turn back off. If you’re out walking, and you don’t want to stop, you can dictate your message and send it as a voice clip or text.

If you see a red dot at the top of your screen, it means you have unread notifications, and instead of stopping to fish out your phone, you just scroll down on the watch face to read all the different messages you received. To respond to a message you just tap on it to either dismiss it or reply.

Another thing that’s changed is that I always wake up, go to bed, and have meals at a certain time thanks to the watch’s built-in alarm. There’s also a snooze button for when you need those five extra minutes.

The sports band is great. I sweat like a pig, and the band still hasn’t corroded after a year and a half. You can detach the bands and rinse them off which is great for people who sweat like Patrick Ewing in the fourth quarter.

The fitness section breaks down into how long you walk, run, and stand for. You can track your progress over days, weeks, months, and even years. It’s really nice to know you have something that can help you stay on top of your health and wellness goals.

At one point I was really bored, and the people on the B&H live chat people recommended I download an awesome jogging app called Zombies, Run. They also showed me how to use the heartrate sensors that are located on the back of the watch to see if I’m hitting the right beats per minute for each exercise. I’ve lost almost 30 pounds since I made the purchase. And even though it’s not all the watch, I couldn’t have hit major milestones without being able to track my progress in the short-run and over a longer period of time. I owe a lot of thanks to the people at BHPhoto who helped me climb back from what would have been a negative life change if I just gave up. So I guess they’ve got a customer for life!


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