The LaCie 4TB Rugged Mini Portable Hard Drive

As a writer, accountant and artist, I find many uses for my tech devices. When my Macbook Pro’s motherboard died, it wasn’t under warranty anymore, and I was devastated by the amount of irretrievable data that I ended up losing. There was a lot of different personal projects and memories like family photos, movies, records and certificates and pieces of digital and scanned art that weren’t coming back.

With the help from some friends at B&H, I was able to restore some things here and there, but there were years of time and effort that just vanished. I had never really had a need to have a large storage unit to keep track of all that data before. I would just buy a computer, and then after a few years, Apple’s new hard drives were normally double the size of the old ones, so there was a quick and clean transfer.

All my electronic devices were from different companies. Besides the Macbook, I got a Zune as a gift, and then my husband got an iPad, and then we both got Androids. As it turned out, we had a lot of unsaved data. My husband told me to use my Macbook crashing as an opportunity to start over.

I went into B&H where I bought my new Macbook Pro and spoke to my favorite sales rep, who suggested I purchase a LaCie 4TB Rugged Mini Portable Hard Drive. I told him I didn’t know what a terabyte was and he explained that four terabytes are equal to 4,096 gigabytes, which was more than enough to back up all of my electronic data over a series of years.

You plug the hard drive into your the device via a USB 3.0 port and just drag and drop all your stuff in. So all your music, videos, word documents, scanned documents, and more all live comfortably in this data chest.

Now, when they say rugged they mean rugged. There’s a rubber coating on the edge of this drive that really goes a long way in preserving your data. I don’t recommend dropping any expensive electronic equipment on the ground, but I am always on the road and a klutz, and that can be a disastrous combination. This thing can withstand quite a bit of abuse.

B&H’s live chat helped me set up a piece of the drive with the Time Machine program on my Mac so that now, I regularly update the LaCie and it’s been nice knowing that I can begin and finish a project with peace of mind. LaCie itself is also a great company. At one point the drive wouldn’t connect with my Mac and I called them up, sent it in for repair, and they repaired it for free, and everything was handled courteously and professionally. The people at B&H Photo helped me learn how to back up my data so I don’t ever lose data again, and their customer service is why I’ve always gone there whenever I needed to purchase electronics.


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