The Apple 12.9″ iPad Pro (Mid 2017, 256GB, Wi-Fi Only) in Space Gray

I’m a lifelong artist and Apple user. I’ve got an iMac at home where I do most of my graphic design, but up until a few weeks ago, I also used a MacBook for travel assignments.

In the past, I had to go and meet a client to go over possible changes to a piece, and then drive back home and make them. Then, when the MacBook came out, I would take a Wacom tablet, and MacBook and try doing changes on site.

It was way, way better than sometimes having to transport my iMac, but it was still clunky. Two months ago, my MacBook died, and I went into B & H Photo where I’d been buying all my Apple stuff forever and talked to a really helpful and knowledgeable salesman.

He recommended I purchase an Apple iPad Pro 12.9” and an Apple Pencil. Now, I’ve been using Apple products to do graphic design since 2005, but I’m not a heavy-duty graphic design editor.

What I do is mainly do is work in digital pencil and charcoal, and sometimes some light photo editing. Please note that you’re someone who works in Adobe CS6, layers, does heavy editing, this is not the solution you’re looking for. However, if you do sketches and light editing, Apple just made working on site A LOT easier for you.

The screen has a resolution of 2732 x 2048 and is specially laminated to resist dust and scratches. It refreshes at 120Hz, so the screen is more sensitive to you and your stylus’s touch. There’s almost no latency with an Apple Pencil.

I’ve owned a few digital pens, and I’m really looking forward to the future if this is just the first one they’ve come out with. There’s also palm-rejection technology, a feature that enables drawing apps to distinguish between touches made by your hand vs. those made by the Apple Pencil.

The iPad Pro has a parallax of about one pixel. There’s no dot-guide, but that hasn’t made a great deal of difference. Actually, I think the dot is kind of distracting. If you want to draw, you just need to download and open an app that supports drawing and start drawing. When you use one the Apple Pencil draws like a normal pencil or pen. There are a lot of apps that support the Pen, which really helps you get the most out of this tablet, especially if you take notes, draw, or need to jot down notes quickly, and prefer a writing utensil over a keyboard.

Over the last couple of months, I only used OneNote (which is free to download) and the pre-installed Notes app. I reached out for graphic design app recommendations on B & H’s Live Chat, and I learned about ProCreate and a few others that allow you to do things like adjusting color balance and saturation.

One thing I highly recommend if you’re going to invest in the iPad Pro or any other Apple product is to purchase all the Apple Care warranties on each device. Apple products aren’t cheap, and even though it’s cost me a bit more at the time of purchase, I found that Apple Care has often prolonged the life of my Apple equipment.

I used to use my Wacom tablet with my MacBook, but now, thanks to B & H Photo, my iPad Pro has become a light, portable version of my MacBook and Wacom tablet!


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