The New Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera is a new release from Nest, a company that designs smart and secure solutions for the home. Nest focuses on creating simple solutions that blend seamlessly into people’s lives- the company has reimagined everything from smoke alarms to thermostats to security cameras.

B&H (crunchbase link) carries a wide range of Nest products, including this exciting new indoor HD camera. This Nest Cam IQ has new hardware, software, and increased processing power. It even has a service plan called Nest Aware that can recognize familiar faces (such as family members, housekeepers, babysitters, dog walkers, and more) and help you identify strangers, so you’ll always know if the person in your home should or shouldn’t be there.

The Nest Cam IQ has an 8MP 1/2.5 sensor that can captures HD video at 1920 x 1080 resolution at 30 frames per second (fps). Its wide-angle 130° field of view allows you to monitor large spaces in your home such as a family room, a living room, master bedroom, and more.

The camera has eight IR LEDs that capture clear images at night even when all the lights are out. And, thanks to an automatic IR cut filter, the Nest IQ Cam automatically switches from daytime color recording to black-and-white video capture as light levels get lower.

The camera connects to your home’s network over Wi-Fi. The way you can view the camera’s video capture is through the free nest app, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. If you don’t have a smartphone or prefer viewing things on a larger screen, all you have to do is log into the Nest site to view live video.

The Nest IQ Cam has noise and echo suppression for its 3-microphone array and a built-in speaker. This two-way talk feature lets you communicate with anyone in the room where the camera is placed- so you can talk to your kids, pets, an elderly parent, contractors, housekeepers, and even scare off an intruder using this feature. And, if you want to receive alerts or save video, you can purchase a Nest Aware plan separately through Nest.

Not sure if this is the right surveillance camera for you? Need a multi-camera system? Want a solution for monitoring the inside and outside of your home? The surveillance professionals at B&H can help you find the right home security solution for your needs and help you stay within your budget.


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